Warm Water vs. Cold Water: Which Should I Drink?

In a tropical clime like ours, there is nothing like a cold glass of water after enduring the scorching sun and heat on the way in, however, what most people do not know is that warm water provide additional benefits that will not be gotten from drinking cold water.

As water serves lots of health benefits like repairing worn out tissues, aiding metabolism, and carrying oxygen around the body, warm water is more beneficial than the cold one.

Here are 12 benefits of drinking warm water:

  1. Digestive system cleansing – Drinking warm water instead of cold will help in breaking down food substances at a faster rate thus making food easy to digest. When the digestive system does not have to do hard work in order to break down food substances, it makes use of less energy, which helps improve ones health.
  2. Loss of weight – Basically water provides your body with hydration, warm water will help you lose weight or maintain your current weight. Drinking warm water helps in maintaining healthy metabolism; this is what you need if you desire to shed a few kilos. Ensure to drink to drink a glass of warm water and lemon when you wake up in the morning as warm water helps in the break down of the adipose tissue in the body (body fat).
  3. Menstrual cramps – if you want to subdue menstrual cramps then warm water is what you need. The warmth of the water provides relief on the abdominal muscles, which can help to reduce cramps.
  4. Prevents premature ageing – if you want to stay healthy and look younger then warm water is what you should be drinking, as this warmth helps in getting rid of toxins that make you age faster. Another function is that it helps in repairing the skin cells that increase elasticity and with time the damaged sink becomes smoother.
  5. Healthy hair and vitality: – If you want healthy, soft and shiny hair then you will need to drink lots of warm Warm water helps in energizing nerve endings in the hair roots and also makes them active, resulting in healthy hair.
  6. Body detoxification – Drinking warm water will help in detoxifying your body. When you drink warm water, your body temperature increases causing you to sweat. This will help in releasing toxins from your body and help cleanse it.
  7. Prevents dandruff – when you drink warm water, you scalp is properly hydrated. This will help prevent dandruff.
  8. Digestion – Water is essential for easy digestion but drinking of warm water is more advantageous. Studies show that drinking cold water after a meal can harden the oil present in the consumed food and this could result in intestinal cancer as a fat deposit is created on the inner wall of the intestine. This can be avoided by drinking warm water, which is a better aid in food digestion.
  9. Helps in preventing acne and pimples – when you drink warm water your body will be cleansed and the root causes of acne related infections would also be removed. So to stay clear from acne and pimples, drinking warm water would be beneficial.
  10. Assists with nasal and throat congestion – Warm water is a good natural cure for coughs, cold and sore throat. It helps in clearing the respiratory tract and it dissolves and removes phlegm easily. It provides a soothing relief from sore throat and helps you breathe easily by clearing nasal congestions.
  11. Aids Bowel movements – When you drink warm water regularly you will experience regular bowel movements making your bowels will healthy. When your body system is not properly hydrated, your bowel movements will be irregular. It is advisable you drink a glass of warm water when you wake up in the morning so as to decompose any remnant making bowel movement easy and regular.
  12. Enhance blood circulation and promotes a healthy nervous system – Drinking warm water enhances blood circulation in the body. This is essential for proper muscle and nerve activities. When you drink warm water, the fat deposits around the nervous system are broken down, thereby keeping it healthy.

These are the benefits you stand to benefit when you drink warm water and Gossy Natural Spring is naturally occurring warm water bottled directly from the Ikogosi Warm Water springs in Ekiti State. With these one can tell that one needs to drink water as often as possible and Gossy Natural Spring water should be your first choice.

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