Companies That Provide Water for their Employees Increase Productivity

Why water? Why not training, seminars, and the likes? Not very sure many will quickly grasp this simple logic…

Did you know that water could just be the element needed for your company to increase its productivity? This is an antithesis to that fact that most business owners spend endless funds on incentives to help increase productivity of their staff without sacrificing quality.

But there is one easy and relatively cheap answer to productivity and its water. Yes, water, as simple as it is, water has been proven to increase productivity of people at work.

This is how water will increase your productivity:

  • Water helps the brain by expanding it, it has been proven that water consumption increases productivity in the workplace by 14%.
  • Water aids in fighting stress by improving the mental state.
  • Water provides an energy boost, dehydration makes people tired, water helps your blood transport oxygen and other nutrients to your cells, giving you a much-needed energy boost.
  • Water improves one’s mood.
  • Water relieves headaches, according to a recent study, it was observed that people with headaches who drank water, felt an almost instant relief.

Studies have revealed that dehydration decreases the performance both – physically and mentally of office workers by 20%.

It is relatively easy for business owners to keep their staff well hydrated throughout the day. Companies can motivate their staff to have a glass of water each time they walk past the water dispenser.

This can greatly boost staff performance and their general health. Well hydrated staff members have less risk of falling sick, which means they won’t have to spend time away from work and this ultimately leads to increased profits for the business.

Tests have also shown that drinking sufficient water each day can fight cancer cells by between 40 -75%. Cancer is extremely expensive; time consuming may eventually lead to death. Companies could reduce health risks by simply aiding their staff members to stay correctly hydrated.

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