Key periods of the day to drink water

Just as thirst, fatigue and moodiness indicate that you need to drink more water, the colour of your urine, the frequently as well as dizziness, poor concentration, muscle cramps, chills, back and joint ache, dull/dry skin, constipation, headache, bad breath and sugar craving, also indicate a form of dehydration.

According to research, the average weight of a male comprises 60% of water, a female 55%, Infants 70% to 80%, while the elderly are about 45%. Despite this, the thirst mechanism in children and the elderly are a little underdeveloped, making them more prone to dehydration.

The body requires lots of water to keep up with physical activity, growth and development, health, and environmental conditions. To keep the body functioning appropriately, there is a daily amount of water that should be taken at specific hours of the day.

Take a glass of water as soon as you are out of bed. This is very good for your internal organ. Just as you give your physical body a bath, the internal organs will be refreshed and ready for metabolism.

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Close up portrait of a young african american sports woman drinking from water bottle

  1. Do you have issues with your digestive system? A glass of water 30minutes before your meal could help your digestive system be at their best, all things being equal.
  2. When next you about to take a bath, a glass of water right before your bath could help lower your blood pressure. The body loves to feel clean as well as refreshed.
  3. The body most times fights off impending diseases and infection when in the appropriate condition. Keep your body fit against diseases. Experts say that a glass of water before going to bed could help prevent conditions like stroke or Heart attack.

Other functions of water in the body include;

  • Blood circulation
  • Food Metabolism
  • Regulation of body temperature
  • Waste removal and detoxification

There’s no doubt that you need pure water for optimal health. Simply swapping out all the sweetened, bottled beverages for pure water can go a long way toward improving your health.

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