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Can you imagine a world without water to drink? Water is a major part of our lives, not only for drinking or bathing, but for the development of our natural environment. In choosing the right water for you and your family, it is preferable to choose water with the right PH level; distilled water can be too acidic, while alkaline water contains a lot of alkaline, which is not healthy for you.

As pioneers in the bottling of warm spring water, we have, over the years, maintained a high standard of quality and good service.

We take pride in the uniqueness of our source of our water – Ikogosi Warm Springs, a warm spring which flows side by side a cold spring, found in Ekiti State, Western Nigeria.

Event Planners Hangout

Experts say that its occurrence is unique. They believe it is a geological wonder for the warm and cold springs to flow together from the same rock formation and each still maintain its thermal density. It is said to be the only one of its kind in the world.

Are you an event planner, selective with the quality of items you deliver to your clients? Join the Gossy team! You don’t only get to offer premium quality to your clients, you also get discounts and offers such as free delivery to the venue of the event.

In an economy where a high price is placed on the quality of products or services as clients are no more willing to settle for the second best due to the recent rise in the cost of things, there is need to work with partners who will ensure that you get value from the partnership.

Aside this, spring water has been proven to contain minerals that could prevent several diseases from infecting the body. These minerals are gotten from the interactions the water has with the rocks.

Event Planners Hangout

 As our partner, you get good value with every purchase you make. Join us in a hangout session with other event planners, as we work out ways to a profitable business relation in the future.

Register here to attend the event. Early registrants get 60 free 50cl bottles of Gossy water. See you there!

Date: October 20th, 2016 Venue:89, Kudirat Abiola Way, Oregun Ikeja Lagos. Time: 11 am SIGN UP NOW! 



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