More Things You Should Know About Spring Water

With the recent buzz for everything natural, there is a switch from carbonated and sugary drinks to water of all forms, for a healthier lifestyle. But how natural is the water you are drinking?

According to the Oxford Living Dictionary, ‘Natural’ means, “existing in or derived from nature; not made or caused by humankind.” That means, for you to enjoy water in the natural form, it should be completely natural – derived from nature and not made by humankind.

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One of the very natural forms of water is the spring water. Spring is a situation where water flows from underground layers of rock that bear water or from the Earth‘s surface. Note that a good spring is created, naturally by the formation of the earth and not artificially.

So, what makes spring water different?

Spring water in its natural state usually has a neutral pH level or one that is slightly alkaline, which could be useful in neutralizing body acidity and free radicals.

A good percentage of the water we drink often has one form of chemical or the other, added accidentally or intentionally during production. Spring water should always stand out, as it is not man-made or artificially produced, and should therefore be free from any form of pollution.

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Unlike all other types of water, spring water’s interaction with rocks and natural properties in its source makes it suitable for therapeutic conditions. Research shows that it contains minerals like iron, simple calcium, lithium and radium.

Aside the mineral benefit of spring water, it also has a great taste, not so easy to ignore.

Most people that have had a taste of clean fresh spring water often say that it has a refreshing taste that is second to no other form of water. No doubt, after your first taste of spring water, there is a tendency you will never want anything else.

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We could go on and on to recount the benefits of spring water, but where it isn’t gotten from a reliable source, you might not get to enjoy all the listed benefits. If you have the opportunity to get the water directly from an uncontaminated source, you can be sure of enjoying the full benefits. But where you have to buy it in a bottled form, you will have to beware of imitation.

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