Dieting Versus Exercising: Which Is The Better Way To Go?

Tomiwa and a friend of hers got into an argument regarding which of exercising and dieting is better for weight control and general health. When they couldn’t agree on the better way to go, each stuck to their respective opinions.

Tomiwa, a former Physical Education teacher, embraced exercises as a means of keeping fit. She jogged three miles every morning and that kept the weight off for a while despite her food choices, but that hasn’t work so much because Tomiwa is still 20 pounds overweight.

dieting versus exercising

Is it that exercising is not good enough? Comparing dieting and exercising, is exercising the loser? No. Exercising is very important for a healthy life, as it aids weight control, makes you feel better, adds years to your age and gives you more energy. No matter your gender, age and physical ability, you stand to benefit from exercising.

However, when it comes to controlling your weight and being generally healthy, a lot depends on what you put into your body and not just on how you move your body. Reducing your weight and being healthy through dieting is therefore more effective and takes lesser time than running on the treadmill.

diet versus exercising


A 2015 study explains how calories control is more rewarding because exercising increases appetite in many people. Another research found that though exercising burns more calories at the initial stage, the burn doesn’t bring so much change to the body afterwards because the body would have adjusted to the physical activities.

A combination of both dieting and exercising is the key to losing weight and being healthy, which means that a healthy diet and embracing physical exercising is important and is needed for your overall health.

diet versus exercising

Scientists at the University of Colorado and Brown Medical School, in 1994, followed more than 10,000 Americans who have lost their weight and still kept it off for years. Their findings show that 1% kept the pounds off with exercises only and 10% did it with their diet only, while 89% used both exercising and dieting.


Cutting down your large and fatty diet, adding more fruits and vegetables to it and exercising workwell and produce more rapid results. Nevertheless, the rule of the thumb is that weight loss and healthy living requires 75% dieting and 25% exercising. On the average, 150 minutes of exercises is good enough for a week.

diet versus exercising

To get healthier and to stay healthy, eat more vegetables and fruits, eat less fatty foods, reduce alcohol intake and sit less. Don’t forget that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet.


Then, don’t forget to drink lots of water during your physical activities so as to remain sufficiently hydrated.

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