Water and Its Amazing Contribution To Your Beauty

Gabrielle Bonheur, aka Coco Chanel, speaking on skin care she says, “Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.” Just as this statement is true, most ladies seem to lose their way in the search for the appropriate product that would give them an ageless skin. So, if you have been investing in beauty products from around the globe, searching for what would suit your skin, you might need to reconsider your spending after reading this piece.

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Research has shown that water is not only useful to organs like the kidneys and liver, the general condition of the skin is very well enhanced by the amount of water it is exposed to, internally and externally.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and serves as a protective cover for other delicate organs in the body. But, just like other organs in the body, the skin needs care and attention to effectively serve its purpose.

What then is the importance of water to our skin?

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Adequate Moisture for the skin, tissues and organs

Water is essential to organs in the body and the skin is not left out of the fun. It provides adequate moisture for the skin, giving that supple and lustrous look and feel. For a softer and moisturized skin, ensure you drink the recommended amount of water daily.

Mitigates against the effect of dehydration

Dehydration means that the body is lacking adequate fluid to function appropriately.

Dehydration doesn’t only affect the interior organs of the body. The skin is also largely affected by dehydration, as you can often tell a dehydrated person from the general look and feel of the skin at each moment.

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Cleanses the body

Remember we have always said that water is the best detoxifier ever. It doesn’t only detoxify the internal organs, it also detoxifies the skin from within and serves as a very effective exfoliator of dead cells and dirt on the surface of the skin.

Research shows that the frequent use of carbonated water to wash the face would keep it looking healthy and clean. This is because the water enters into the pores of the skin, cleans out the waste in the pores, fills the pores with water and locks them tightly. It is a therapy most beauty experts simply can’t do without.


Increases elasticity and minimizes wrinkles

Skin tissues that help to keep the skin looking healthy, with improved elasticity, are well supported by a hydrated body. Water provides the skin cells with the essential nutrients that enhance skin elasticity and reduce aging.

Refreshes the skin

There is nothing as refreshing as a cold-water bath after a sunny day. Taking a shower is an age-long therapy that doesn’t only clean the body of dirt, but refreshes and calms down stressed nerves that cause discomfort.

Loosens and tightens the skin pores

The skin reacts differently to water of different temperatures. Research shows that warm water opens up the skin pores, which is good for exfoliation, while cold water helps tighten the pores to prevent any form of penetration.

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For those who prefer using warm water to shower, it is advised to splash a little cold water on the body after a warm water bath, especially on the face. This helps to close back the skin pores that were opened by the warm water.

Water plays a very essential role in the human body and when used appropriately, the body stays healthy and well nourished to function perfectly. So, for that awesomely looking skin, drink and wash the body with water more often.



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