Essential Living Tips for Raising Healthy Children

Though cultivating healthy living habits in children can be a bit challenging, as they might not understand why they can’t have all they crave for, the truth is that it is not an impossible task.

The first step to achieving this is to create a happy and loving environment for them, as a happy child would make a healthier child. First and foremost, it is important to keep fights, arguments or any other thing that could psychologically affect children away from them.


If you are a busy parent and have little time in a day to spend with your children, you can get them registered in their favourite sport or extra-curricular class in the school. Getting your children involved in activities that are safe and interesting could, to a large extent, improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

Also, as much as T.V shows help keep children calm and engaged for you to concentrate on some other things, long hours with the T.V, internet or video game can be detrimental to your child’s mental health.

Aside the unhealthy snacks in commercials they might be introduced to, research has shown that long hours before the T.V could cause headaches or fatigue.  Two hours a day with these forms of entertainment should be maintained for children. You can replace T.V time with some other activity they might be interested in.

Get on top of your game with nutrition. Children need proper nutrition for growth. Though it might seem like a show of love and care to give them all the creamy and sugary food they desire, the future effect might not be so pleasant.

Experts advise that the best time to inculcate healthy habits in children is at weaning, when solid food is been introduced to them. This is essential to save them from lifestyle diseases in the future.

Gradually shift away from unhealthy foods by replacing sugary sodas with water, low fat milk or handmade fresh fruits. Fruits can also serve as an interesting alternative for cookies and pastries.  You can try out fruits that come in different colours to make them more attractive.


For children who seem to be gaining a lot of weight, you might have to carefully watch the amount of calories they take, just as you would do to yourself. This is to prevent them from developing weight issues in the future.

Make the transition period to healthier foods more interesting by ensuring that meals are presented in an interesting way. It is also not out of place to constantly orient them on the importance of eating healthy, daily showing them aspects of their lives that have or will improve as a result of eating healthy.

Switch to a healthier lifestyle today!

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