Why Nigerian Tap Water Might Not Be So Good For You

When Sam decided to switch from Tap water to drinking Gossy Natural spring water, it seemed too many like he did not have a grasp of the current situation of the economy and was trying to live above his means. But, to Sam, that was their opinion. He cared less. After his most recent condition, which saw him battling to stay alive, during which he was admitted in the hospital for over two weeks, he wasn’t going to touch any untreated water, even with a long spoon. Typhoid had taken him too close to that “bright light” and he wasn’t willing to go that route again.

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Barely two weeks before he fell ill, he had gotten into a fight with the water board authorities. He just couldn’t imagine how he would be charged an outrageous bill for the pipe borne brown water that had been flowing through his water pipes for about a year, since he moved into a new district in Lagos. The water hadn’t been good enough for him to wash his clothes, not to talk of drinking or cooking.

First, it was due to the excuse that the main treatment plant was being cleaned. Next, it was a minor repair that was being carried out in the area. “Could all these have lasted for a year?” He asked the officials. Life was just too precious for him to allow it to be swept away with some dirty water. He had taken his health into his hands, with no apologies to anyone.

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Just like Sam, many urban settlers in many Nigerian cities are taking sure steps to stay away from sicknesses and diseases because the situation is not so different where they live. While some drill boreholes from which they can access clean water for themselves, others resort to patronizing water brands they consider tested and trusted.World Bank, in relation to safe drinking water in Nigeria, clearly stated that water production facilities in Nigeria as at 2010, “rarely operated to capacity due to broken down equipment, or lack of power or fuel for pumping.”

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The list of the various conditions that have led to the absence of safe drinking water in Nigeria is endless.

One might ask, is the issue of unsafe water in Nigeria a result of insufficient water in Nigeria, low production from water works, poor maintenance or poor sanitation? Whatever the cause may be, the onus is on you to take steps that will preserve your health and that of your family.

Taking responsibility for your health and that of the people you care about entails that you switch off from sources of water that you are not completely sure of, to a safer and healthier option. It pays you to drink only water that is pure and natural, free from chemicals and additives. That is why Gossy Natural Spring Water is renowned for its natural production process, which keeps it clean and safe for everyone. Choose good health and stay happy.


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