Find Out The Three Major Causes Of Dry And Dehydrated Skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body, which serves as an immediate barrier between the internal tissues and the environment. Apart from preventing harmful substances from entering your body, your skin is what people see and physically interact with when they deal with you. As such, it needs to be taken care of because its appearance and feel go a long way to define you. Have you ever considered the causes of dehydrated skin?

How well do you take care of your skin? Do you sufficiently nourish it to ensure that it looks good always? Or does your skin look dry and dehydrated?

Having a dry and dehydrated skin can be temporary or a lifelong concern. Dry skin can be a result of an increasingly stressful lifestyle, coupled with continual exposure to the sun, wind, and chemicals in the environment. Also, it can be genetically determined or caused by the use of inappropriate products on the skin. However, whatever the case may be, the good news is that properly identifying the cause of your dry and dehydrated skin will help you effectively manage it to achieve that glowing look you desire.

Though there are differences and similarities between a dry and dehydrated skin, a dry skin generally refer to a skin that is lacking oil, while a dehydrated skin generally refers to a lack of moisture in the stratum corneum.

Despite this difference, both the dry and dehydrated skin share similarities such as a feel of roughness, slight or severe scaling and flaking, severe redness and cracks, irritation, inflammation, itchiness, and over sensitivity.

To get started with dealing with some of these vices to your skin, you need to know the causes, and here are the three main ones

Chronological Aging

Chronological Aging

This is the natural process of skin aging due to internal influences. It is a normal process of physical change over time that’s more of genetics than lifestyle. The sebaceous gland tends to decrease with age, and the skin’s natural hydration reduces over the years. The ability of the skin to regenerate lipids comprising the protective lipid barrier layer of the stratum corneum also reduces with age.



Exposing your body for a long period of time under the sun can cause water to evaporate from the skin, which is why sunburned skin requires more moisture than unexposed areas. Also, air condition units forced air heating and low temperatures can dry out skin and contribute to early aging.

Way Of Life

Way Of Life

Trying to diet or eating fat-free diets can deprive your body of skin-friendly Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). These are fatty acids people must ingest because the body requires them for good health, but cannot synthesize them. Lack of these acids can result in scaling, dryness, chronic itching and thin. Also, insufficient intake of water and/or excess intake of alcoholic beverages can contribute to the dry and dehydrated skin.

Taking these three causes into cognizance can go a long way in helping you take better care of your skin. Above all, it’s essential to note that having a thorough skin analysis is of utmost importance for a successful treatment of any challenging skin condition.



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